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  • Unimos calidad y experiencia para ofrecerles tratamientos únicos y personalizados

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Vegan Treatments in Tossa de Mar

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Vegan Treatments

At Cos Esvelt we are committed to a concept of natural beauty, using quality products, responsible for life, as organic as possible and contanining the "Cruelty Free" mark, that is, not related to animal exploitation. 

Our esclusive range of products is based on the efficay of natural active ingredients, and does not include ingredients or derivatives of animal origin or artificial chemical elements in its composition. 

Our SPA Massages and Rituals service are 100% vegan beacuse we use only creams and oils that are certified as vegan. 

Here are all the vegan facial and body treatments: 

Facial Treatments

  • Oxygen (Oxygen - Anti Pollution)
  • Dermapeel (Renewal treatment)
  • Vitamin C (Luminosity - Vitality)
  • Hyalufeel (Hydrates - Perfects the skin)
  • Treatment for Sensitive Skins (Calm - Repairs - Softens)
  • Facial Hygiene (Clean - Prepare - Renew)
  • Re-Equilibrium (Purifies - Matifies - Balances)
  • Black Cosmetics (Detox - Hygiene)
  • HEMP CBD (Fat regulator - Anti-fatigue - Shooting)

Anti Age Facial Treatments

  • Arûde (Global Treatment of Aging with Gold)
  • Genuine Cell (Vegetal Collagen)
  • Shock Waves (Non-surgical Lifting)
  • Facial Radiofrequency (Non-surgical Lifting)
  • Japanese Lifting (Kobido Massage)

Body Treatments

  • Tei - System
  • Cavitation
  • Shock waves
  • Radiofrecuency
  • Body Roll

Vegan Ritual Cos Esvelt

  • Vegan Facial Treatment
  • Body Massage to choose

Luxury Vegan Ritual 

  • Body Massage 
  • Body Wrap (Chocolate - Algae - Green Tea)
  • Body Peeling (Hawaiian - Olive Oil + Salt Scrub - Chocolate)

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Specialists in Vegan treatments

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