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Osteopathy in Tossa de mar


Osteopathy is a very extensive therapeutic procedure. The body is always considered as a functional unit and an examination protocol is applied to arrive at a diagnosis and carry out the corresponding treatment. The cause and place of discomfort do not always have to be the same.

We present below the main indications for osteopathy

Functional discomforts of the locomotive device

Conditions of the spine:
Whiplash, hernia and / or disc protrusions, sciatica, osteoarthritis, torticollis, contractures, acute low back pain, ...
Peripheral joint conditions:
Tendinitis, sprains, muscle pain, chondropathies, ...

Digestive dysfunctions

Esophageal reflux
Abdominal pain
Leaky gut
Chron's disease

Problems from sports practice 

Athlete's osteo-articular disorders: pubalgias, recurrent tendinitis, inflammations due to over exertion.
Improvement of the sports gesture and preparation for the effort.)

Neurological functional conditions 

Balance disorders: vertigo.
Peripheral affections: pain and / or tingling in the extremities

Skull - Facial functional conditions 

Problems of the jaw joint: noise, joint pain, bruxism, ...
Certain migraines, headache.

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