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Emotional Therapy in Tossa de mar

Emotional Therapy

​Emotions are like the health engine. In emotional body therapy, muscles acquire the category of language. Through its tensions, rigidities and blocks, it expresses how the person is on an emotional level.

Emotional body therapy uses breathing and physical exercises to unblock emotions and relieve muscle tension. We offer an emotional therapy to help you solve persistent body problems and solve the pain derived from these alterations.

  • Cos Esvelt
  • Cos Esvelt


The body as a language of expression reveals the personal self. It is a way of understanding the human personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes using Dr. Lowen's various models of therapeutics.

Emotional Reading

Cos Esvelt's exclusive analysis technique in which we analyze where and why the imbalance in the chakras that block our body occurs. These blocks are the generators of tension, contractures and dysfunctions in the normal flow of the organism.


Technique of Japanese origin that its name means "universal vital energy". It consists of the therapist channeling through his hands energy to unlock and harmonize the chakras.

Bioenergetic body reading

Based on the primary and secondary models of Dr. Lowen.
Which help us through emotions to understand what happens to us and the impact they have on our body and what affects us in our lives.

Emotions are the language of our body

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