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  • We combine quality and experience to offer you unique and personalized treatments
  • We combine quality and experience to offer you unique and personalized treatments

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Coaching in Tossa de Mar

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At Cos Esvelt we offer you the benefits of these techniques thanks to the team of professionals that make up our center located in Tossa de Mar.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art that facilitates the development of people and teams, so that they can achieve the goals they set and live a rewarding and satisfying life.

Through working with the coach, the client deepens their self-awareness, raises their self-awareness, develops their responsibility and based on this, increases their performance and gets closer to achieving their goals.

What is not Coaching?

Coaching is not based on giving advice from a professional, which indicates what needs to be said or done. It is based on the fact that during the coaching process it is the person or team that discover and generate the solutions and actions to be followed, according to their own values, talent and way of being.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Achieve greater satisfaction in life or work
  • Deepen our personal self-knowledge
  • Improving work / life balance
  • The achievement of professional goals
  • Stress reduction
  • Improve communication
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Facing better job changes
  • Develop personal care habits

In Cos Esvelt we have the Cos Esvelt Personality Test (TPCE)

What is it?

The Cos Esvelt Personality Test (CEPT) is a test that allows you to discover your dominant energy and the order of the elemental energies of your personality. The basis of the test is in the psychological preferences of Carl Gustav Jung of his work "Psychological Types". From this we can draw the basic preferences that allow us to categorize the energies of people.

Benefits of the CEPT

The benefits of the CEPT are:
  • Improve the knowledge of your personality.
  • Understanding yourself
  • Acquire the ability to detect the dominant elemental energy of each person
  • Improve your ability to relate and understand the environment
  • Increase empathy and adaptability
  • Develop efficient interpersonal strategies.

How does the CEPT work?

First a test of an approximate duration of 15 - 25 minutes is performed in a relaxed manner.
After the test you will be given the result of the Cos Esvelt Personality Test. This result is accompanied by a brief dossier with information on elementary energies, their basic characteristics, adjectives of each energy.
If you would like more information, you can request an appointment with the Coach to explain all the information about the elemental energies, solve any doubt and help you integrate the knowledge to get the highest PERFORMANCE to the CEPT.


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