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  • We combine quality and experience to offer you unique and personalized treatments
  • We combine quality and experience to offer you unique and personalized treatments

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Body Aesthetics in Tossa de Mar

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Body Treatments

Cos Esvelt puts at your disposal more than 25 years of experience, the latest technological advances and personalized treatments to obtain the best results.
The corporal treatments that we put at your disposal are:

Reducing and Remodeling Treatments

  • Tei-System:
- Reduction of volumen and weight.
- Body remodeling.
  • Cavitation:
- Virtual liposuction: It is the most effective system without surgery, safe and painless for the loss of volume and remodeling of the silhouette.
  • Body Sculpt:
- Remodeling treatment made with bamboo canes. Indicated to help in fluid retention and poor circulation.
  • Slim Cupping:
- It is a body reduction program designed to treat localized fat and reshape the silhouette with set of suction cups.
  • Body Radiofrequency
- Body remodeling.
  • Mesopen / Mesotherapy:
- It is a transdermal penetration system that facilitates the introduction of active ingredients to decrease the volume of fatty tissue.
  • Shock wave:
- Reductive action indicated to treat localized fat resistant to physical exercise and diets.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

  • Radiofrequency:
- Indicated to reduce cellulite soften the texture of the skin and shape the silhouette.
  • Shock wave:
- The latest and most effective technology for the treatment of fibrous and mixed cellulite.
  • Body Roll:
- Body program indicated to combat cellulite, drain excess water and toxins accumulated in the tissue, using the set of maderotherapy.
  • Tei-System:
- Treatment indicated for fibrous, edematous and soft cellulite.
  • Neuro-Sphere Therapy:
- Indicated especially for painful cellulitis. Combines lipolytic essential oils with algae by performing a neuroreductor massage with Boading spheres.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Treatments

Cos Esvelt offers a variety of specific treatments in this important and delicate stage of pregnancy. Helping to relieve the heaviness of the legs, improving circulation, maintain and improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin.
And after delivery, we have a wide range of treatments that will help to recover the figure.

Firming Treatments

  • Tei-System:
- Indicated for corporal global reaffirmation.
  • Radiofrequency:
- Indicated especially in the reaffirmation of breasts, arms, buttocks, inner side of thighs and abdomen.
  • Body Stimul:
- Muscular electrostimulation.
  • Shock Waves:
- Indicated for the toning of buttocks and arms.

Anti-Stretch marks Treatments

Combination of different techniques and appliances to achieve a decrease in stretch marks and a greater elasticity of the skin.
We also have in our center in Tossa de Mar:​


  • Wax, warm, cold, progressive and facial.
  • Photodepilation (pulsed light).
  • Male hair removal.
  • Electric Hair Removal.

Complementary services

  • Beauty of Hands.
  • Beauty of Feet.
  • Solárium - UVA.
  • Hydrotherapy.

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The most complete methodology to remodel your body.

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